Just One More Ministry has Partnered with #MaskupMKE and United Way to meet the demand for finished masks.

Your organization is eligible for FREE, HIGH QUALITY, DISPOSABLE MASKS which are being made by volunteers all around the Milwaukee area -- and YOU can have some!
Just One More Ministry and Worldwide Hunger Relief are participating in a project to make high-quality masks, supporting local firm Rebel Converting (website) in its efforts to produce millions of volunteer-made masks.  Through their generosity, we now have inventory at our warehouse in Glendale -- 700 masks per box.  For the latest stats and stories in the news about this project, visit our main page and media page.
As the Lord "overflows our cup" with boxes of masks, we are asking 2 questions:
1.  To the faith & non-profit community in the City of Milwaukee - would you like a free box of masks to pilot a "Mask Outreach Program", in whatever format God may inspire?
2.  To essential businesses who have been led you to this site, please tell us your needs and we will try to fulfill them.
  • MASK INFO:  these disposable, home-made masks are high-quality polypropylene and treated to resist the virus, but they are not in any way, equivalent to N95 masks or medical-grade masks.  Guidelines suggest a 1-3 day life cycle.
  • GETTING MASKS:  Submit the form below and we will deliver a box of masks to you soon.  We are targeting the inner city of Milwaukee, where the virus is most prevalent - but all requests are being considered.  
  • INSTRUCTIONS:  When you get your box, you may need to use Ziplocs (not provided) to break down your inventory into baggies of 10 or 25 -- if you intend to give them away.
  • CONTACT INFO:  we require your phone, and e-mail, as timely communication is key for us to get these delivered to you on a timely basis.
Yes, my organization needs masks, or wants to start a "mask outreach" ASAP!
Please complete all sections entirely

We have received your information. Thank you for helping to contain the spread of COVID-19.

You will be contacted ASAP via phone, text or e-mail regarding your order.  Thank you for your patience.  Any questions, e-mail direct to outreach@jomministry.org
Ideas for How to Start a Mask Outreach Ministry - Even If You are "Closed"
​Even if your organization is closed for large gatherings or services, able-bodied volunteers or staff can "mask up" and you could:
1.  Deliver masks door-to-door in your neighborhood.
2.  Advise your members and community that you are opening a "mask drive through" for certain hours.
3.  Contact elderly, sick, working, or high risk households to provide members with masks.
4.  Visit local essential businesses, stores, elder homes, and apartments to hand out masks.
These are just ideas to get you started.  Feel free to put a little note in each bag about your ministry, include a bible verse -- whatever God would inspire you to do!
Note:  any questions should be directed to outreach@jomministry.org and we will reply promptly.
Product Description & Acknowledgements
Rebel Converting:  "These masks are made from the same nonwoven melt-blown polypropylene fabric from which we make hospital wipes. 5K Fibres, Appleton, electrostatically charges the raw material at very high voltage for greatly increased filtration properties. They are not N95 masks and should not be used for swabbing patients for coronavirus testing."
JOMM is honored to be participating with Rebel on this project, learn more about their company at www.rebelconverting.com