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Now Recruiting Milwaukee-Area Groups & Households to Make COVID-19 Resistant Masks!
Just One More Ministry is participating in a project to make high-quality masks, supporting local firm Rebel Converting (website) in its efforts to produce millions of volunteer-made masks.  We have agreed to be a "Volunteer Organization" which means we will have KITS AVAILABLE (boxes of 700) for your group or household to assemble -- starting this Saturday, April 4.
If you want to volunteer, simply complete the form below and you will be added to our list.  You will be contacted via phone, text, or e-mail regarding next steps.  Please scroll down for more information including instructions.  At the bottom of the page is our dashboard where you can track work in progress.
We are also looking for drivers to perform Amazon-style "porch delivery" and "porch pickup" of packages, if that is of interest to you, please indicate that on the form as well.
  • TIME REQUIRED:  It takes an estimated 15-20 hours to complete a box of 700 masks which is a rate of approximately 35-50 per hour, per person.  We hope for a 2-3 day turnaround per box.
  • HEALTH:  There must be no symptoms of COVID-19 for anyone in the group/household.
  • INSTRUCTIONS:  please scroll down for complete instructions and note you need a stapler.
  • CONTACT INFO:  we require your cell phone, and e-mail, and timely communication is key.
Yes, my group or household is available to start making masks ASAP!
Please complete all sections entirely
You will be contacted ASAP via phone, text or e-mail with next steps.  Any questions, e-mail direct to masks@jomministry.org
Link to printable PDF of instructions
Link to printable PDF of instructions
Product Description & Acknowledgements
Rebel Converting:  "These masks are made from the same nonwoven melt-blown polypropylene fabric from which we make hospital wipes. 5K Fibres, Appleton, electrostatically charges the raw material at very high voltage for greatly increased filtration properties. Masks exceed the standards for most common medical settings. They fall short of N95 hazmat quality and should not be used by personnel who are swabbing patients for coronavirus testing."
JOMM is honored to be participating with Rebel on this project, learn more about their company at www.rebelconverting.com
Real-Time Work in Progress Dashboard - THANK YOU LORD
for Inspiring These Volunteers!
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Overall Summary
Masks In Progress Including Waiting List
Masks Completed and Returned to JOMM
Masks Distributed to Community