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Partners Sign Up to Bowl Below
** Free Event for Partners, Event Proceeds to Just One More Ministry*


  • You provide 3-4 bowlers to bowl and socialize with a JOMM sponsor while bowling for dollars – the best kind of "fun-raising", and bowling for free!


  • Be One of 16 Partners bowling to help Just One More Ministry - churches and non-profits serving the homeless, veterans, youth programs, women’s & children’s shelters, elderly and the inner city – who get free, rescued food from JOMM

  • All Partners will be promoted by JOMM to raise awareness for your cause as we promote the event.

  • Donors will be giving towards each pin knocked down – how many pins can YOUR TEAM knock down in 1 hour?  Know any bowling lovers that would like to raise money to feed our hungry neighbors?

  • Please RSVP as soon as possible – BY FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17 - your participation really helps us and we can’t wait to fill all the lanes!

Partners - Reserve a Lane Here -
One Lane per Partner

Thanks for submitting!


Just send an e-mail to office@jomministry.orgFeel free to call us at 414-292-5112.  Thank you for taking up our cause, we are blessed by you!

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