through June 15

With FOOD, MASKS, AND BAGS coming and going during this crisis period -- we have never been more blessed with short-term volunteer opporunities!
No matter what your skills:  office, customer service, warehouse, driver, or coordinator -- we are offering a short term "gig" to anyone so inspired to take on a project through June 15 - or potential to June 30.
If you have a window of time, this could be a calling!
Why NOW - June 2020 - is the PERFECT TIME to Volunteer for JOMM:
1. Be part of a REWARDING project working as a team.
2. BUILD YOUR RESUME with a role in manufacturing, warehousing, distributing, transportation, and customer service.  JOMM can be a reference for your next job!
3. TAKE LEADERSHIP as we need team leaders in many "departments" until the mask project is over.
4. GET FOOD - yes, our volunteers can have food for their immediate family needs, no problem, no judgment.
Opportunity #1:  Come and Work at JOMM for 3 hours in CUSTOMER SERVICE 
Now through June 15, JOMM is looking for volunteers to staff our "Partner Pickup Area" which is normally used for giving out food to our non-profit partners.  The position of MASK AND BAG CLERK involves greeting any drive-up visitors who want to do one of four things:
   1. Pick up a Mask Making Kit - these are people or groups who want make a kit of 700 masks
   2. Drop off a Finished Masks - these are people who want to drop off their finished kit
   3. Pick up Finished Masks - these are people who need masks for their organization or business
   4. Drop off a Bag and a Buck - these are people who are donating to our current campaign
The shifts are available Monday-Saturday, from 9:00-noon, (and from noon-3:00 eventually).  It's a good job for 1 or 2 people if you want to bring a friend.  Complete training and materials are available, and the job is not strenuous.  You are certain to meet dozens of charitable people, working in a friendly atmosphere.
Opportunity #2:  Join Our Transportation Team - Mask Box Delivery & Pickup & "Bag Fetching"
If you have a reliable car (mini-van or SUV ideal, but not required) and like to drive around, now through June 15 we have a near-daily need for people who are willing to go around moving boxes and bags to and from JOMM.  Here are the types of deliveries involved:
   1. Deliver a Mask Making Kit to someone who has ordered online, requiring delivery.
   2. Pick up Finished Masks from someone who is done making masks, needing pickup.
   3. Fetch a Bag from someone who has a donation for the Bag and a Buck Campaign.
   4. Help shuttle Kits and Masks and Bags from our satellite locations to and from JOMM.
This job requires a cell phone, Google Maps, and willingness to call and text people that you are approaching.  We've been doing this for a couple of months now, and everyone is REALLY NICE!
Opportunity #3:  OFFICE - Organize Volunteers, Pickups, and Deliveries
Are you an organized person who likes projects, people, phones, e-mail, and computers?  We are looking for 2-3 people to jump in at the organizational level on a short-term basis.
While we have a team in place and systems to track what's coming and going, we could use some help!  This is a good job for anyone with free time over the next 3-4 weeks, who wants a rewarding project that is certain to show tangible results.
Yes!  I'm Interested in Volunteering through June 15!
I'm Interested In

Thanks again for your interest.  If you have any questions, please contact us at office@jomministry.org

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