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Hunger & Addiction



According to the National Defense Resource Center, 40% of food in the US is wasted and reducing this food loss by even 15% would feed more than 25 million Americans.  Recent US Department of Agriculture statistics show that one in six children struggle with hunger, and in Milwaukee, this statistic is higher with 43% of children struggling with hunger.  One in three Milwaukee residents lives in poverty and one in seven seniors is food insecure (US Census Report). 


Studies show these numbers are growing.  At the same time that people go hungry, local restaurants, grocers, bakeries, and caterers are discarding edible food on a daily basis.  Just One More Ministry meets the needs of the hungry by identifying and redistributing resources in the community.




Statistics have shown that there are approximately 28,808 marijuana users, 12,615 people abusing prescription drugs, 4,720 cocaine addicts, 2,142 people using hallucinogens, 1,203 people that use inhalants, and 267 heroin addicts who live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


It is estimated that 856 people will be killed by tobacco, 167 people will die from alcohol, 33 lives will be lost to illicit drug use, and there will be 32 deaths due to intoxicated driving this year in Milwaukee.


There will also be close to 3,636 people arrested for drug charges and around 2,757 DUIs in Milwaukee this year.


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