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Latest Videos about JOMM

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Episode 1 - God, One Man & 20 Loaves of Bread (3:31)

Episode 2 - JOMM Featured on Spectrum One News 7-24-23 (2:40)

Episode 3 - JOMM Word Cloud Reveal (1:11)

Episode 4 - Recap with Chris Capper (2:43)

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Episode 1 - Hephatha Strong Baby Sanctuary (3:28)

Episode 2 - Missionary Currie's Community Baby Shower (2:22)

Episode 3 - Food Deserts / JOMM Outreach (3:55)

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We have reached the conclusion of our fundraising campaign which ran from July 4 through September 6.  

Any time is a good time to donate to JOMM and we invite you to consider a recurring donation.  Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the campaign.

Click here for the donation page -- we are blessed by you!

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