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2010-2013 / "Inspired"

Our Founder, Chris Capper, a recovered alcoholic and drug addict, recognized that there was a problem with food insecurity and food waste in his community. He sought to eliminate that problem by creating a food recovery program that would late be known as 'Just One More Ministry.' Chris began to put put his plan in action and he was joined by fellow believers from St. Matthew's Church in Wauwatosa, WI. Thanks to Saz's and a donated van, the small group began making meals from various leftovers to give to those in need. 


2015-2016 / "Truck & Building"

Just One More was growing exponentially and we were had many more grocery stores, restaurants, festivals, manufacturers, and distributors joined our mission. In 2015, through the Titus Trail Relay, we raised $31,000 to buy a refrigerator truck. By 2016, we moved to a rented 9,000 square foot building in Wauwatosa. This new building featured an expanded warehouse, freezer, and cooler space.

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2018 / "Working Hard"

In the past 12 months, the annual volume of food increased again by 50%, to over 1 million pounds annually. Our Ministry has grown exponentially thanks to the the great people that made our mission possible. Recently we have been able to sustain giving out more than 10,000 meals were given to the community a week due to our amazing volunteers and donations we received.

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2013-2014 / "On Our Own"

As the ministry grew, we received enough grant money from a local foundation to form our own non-profit organization. We moved into the 2,000 square foot basement of Redeemer Church, and purchased our first walk-in cooler & freezer.


2017 / "Taking Off"

With increased capacity, we took on dozens of new "partners" to pick up the food. These partners included over 75 inner city churches, and ministries that served the homeless, veterans, elderly, and battered women & children. With the help of many volunteers, the number of meals distributed increased by over 75,000 from the previous year. 

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2019 / "Looking Forward"

In May of 2019, we purchased a new 24,000 square foot building where we currently operate out of. Since our founding, we have rescued over 5 million pounds of food and we are continuing to grow. We are now embarking on the next stage of our growth, as record food levels arrive.

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