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Strike Out Hunger by Donating, or Becoming a "Sponsor/Bowler"

  • Featuring 16 Partners of Just One More Ministry – churches, non-profits, and ministries serving the homeless, veterans, youth programs, women’s & children’s shelters, elderly in the inner city – who get free, rescued food from JOMM.  These partners are bowling for free as guests of JOMM.

  • The Challenge – how many pins can each team knock down in one hour, bowling as a team?  It's bowling for dollars!

  • The Fundraiser – We are asking for donations of any size, to match and multiply the total pins knocked down.  In last year's event, over 10,000 pins were counted.  Consider donating with this link to support our effort, we have a goal to raise $50,000 by December 31.

  • Special Invitation -- Want to Donate and Bowl with a Partner? – If you like to bowl, with your pledge to raise or donate $500 or more (honor system), you can enter a bowler to bowl alongside the partner of your choice, and join in the fun!  Just fill out the simple form at the top of the page -- to be an honored "Sponsor/Bowler".

Partners Bowling - Sponsors Invited
Welcoming 16 of our 87 Partners Who Receive Food from JOMM

Partners Bowling-FINAL.PNG
 Still Looking to Donate?

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Just send an e-mail to  Thank you for taking up our cause, we are blessed by you!

Need a Sneak Preview? - check out the 2021 video highlights!

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